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New School Rules

Our School Rules

During the Summer Term staff and pupils reviewed our school rules. Our amended school rules, are as follows.

  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Respect our environment, our own and other people’s property
  • Listen to each other, be polite and respect each other’s point of view
  • Move safely around the school
  • Listen to and follow adults’ instructions

These rules set high expectations and reflect the ethos of Redlands as a ‘Rights Respecting School’. We are very proud of the behaviour of Redlands children, and their exceptional behaviour is something that is frequently commented upon by visitors to the school as well as when off-site on visits and residentials.

If you would like further information, our behaviour policy is available on the school website or a hard copy can be obtained, on request, from the school office. 

With thanks for your continued support