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Food Waste Poster Design competition




The children at Redlands took part in a competition to design a poster encouraging people to take left over restaurant food home. The project is being led by Barbara Cowie from Fareham Council. Barbara has been working with the children at Redlands to try and reduce food waste. Congratulations to Freddie S who was mentioned for his fantastic design.  Below is a message from Barbara. 

I am delighted to say that we had a wonderful time looking through all the competition entries. Children are truly incredible with boundless imaginations. The overall winner attends Whiteley Primary School, but it was a really close thing between all of the schools and made judging yesterday with the Sainsbury's judges very difficult. The overall winner for Redlands Primary School is the design 'Don't Waste - Re- Eat.' Great thought went into this design and it was a real favourite. Well done Freddie S. And we also really enjoyed the 'Save your leftovers for sleepovers.' Both of these ideas demonstrated novel approaches and solutions to the issue and were favourites for all of the judges. All of the competition winners and some of our personal favourites will be added to the Fareham Borough Council face book page. And, Sainsbury's, Wallington will be displaying many of the posters on their community wall from today.

 All the best,

 Barbara Cowie

food waste poster 2food waste poster 1


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