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Redlands HIts the Heights

Some of you will have noticed the publication of schools exam data online and in newsprint over the past couple of days and have been very complimentary about the performance of Redlands, which is very kind of you.

I know there are more things than just test results that make a school valued by the community – good behaviour, safe environment, rich curriculum, caring staff, etc. - so I don’t get over-excited when we finish in a high position, nor over-depressed if we ever finish lower. Nonetheless, and with all due modesty, I am absolutely thrilled our wonderful staff and children have done so well and that you and the Governing Body continue to support our work steadfastly and with such good outcomes for the most important group – our children.

  • In the whole Fareham/Gosport area, we are the only school to be rated by the government as ‘well above average’ in each of reading, writing and maths at age 11.
  • In the whole of Hampshire, we are ranked 6th overall out of nearly 450 primary schools.
  • In the whole of England we are ranked 430 out of 20,553 schools (for reading at age 11).

A heartening way to finish my twentieth year as Head of Redlands!