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School Council Lunch

A couple of weeks ago, the School Councillors attended a working lunch meeting with HC3S who provide school meals. The School Concillors were given a school meal to try. With this they were also given a school menu to look at and samples of other menu items to try. 


Once we had finished our meal, we were asked to give feedback about what we had just tried. We were also given the chance to say what we thought about the current menu.


Some feedback was that school lunches were nicer than expected. Another School Councillor enquired about the types of rice used (white or brown). The response to this was that a mixture of both types of rice are used.


The councillors were then asked to suggest any meals they would like to see on the school menu that weren't there already. The majority of people asked for burgers and chips or hotdogs. However, HC3S explained that school meals have to meet health standards and it would be difficult to make this change, but this could be on a theme day menu. There was one school councillor that mentioned fajitas as a new possible meal. HC3S responded with saying this could be a good new meal to try.


We are hoping to hold more School Council lunches in the future. Well done to all the School Councillors for their beneficial feedback.



Head Boy