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Redlands Primary School

PE & Sports Premium

Sports Provision and Sports Premium Funding 2016-2017



Early Years Foundation Stage

We provide our early years pupils with time and space to enjoy and learn through daily active play.

We offer large portable equipment that children can move safely and cooperatively to create their own structures. We plan activities where children can practice moving in different ways and at different speeds, balancing, rolling, kicking, target throwing and catching. Physical development in the Early Years curriculum includes activities to develop fine and gross motor skills. The children participate in activities such as 'Funky Fingers', hand gym and play dough on a daily basis. Pulleys and ropes are used to develop core strength, important to the development of handwriting.

Key Stage 1

Pupils master basic movements, with and without equipment, including running, jumping, throwing and catching as well as developing balance, agility and coordination.

Sessions take place indoors and outdoors. Children participate in team games and develop simple tactics for invasion games. Pupils perform dances using simple movement sequences.

Key Stage 2

Pupils develop their skills in running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination.

They learn rules and tactics for competitive games and apply defending and attacking principles. Sessions take place indoors and outdoors. Pupils develop flexibility, strength and technique, control and balance through athletics and gymnastics. Pupils perform dances using a range of movement patterns that become increasingly demanding. Performances or demonstrations are often given from one class to another or to a whole-school assembly. Children take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges – including on residential trips - both as individuals and within teams.

Pupils develop the ability to reflect and compare their performances with previous (sometimes utilising video recording) using appropriate technical language and demonstrating improvement and adaptation.

In Years 3 and 4 our pupils have swimming instruction and are taught to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25m.

After school clubs

These vary according to the season and teacher expertise but, over the last year, have included football, cricket, netball, gymnastics, dance, and, specifically for less confident children, a ball skills club

Sports Day

In the summer term we hold a sports day where children have the opportunity to participate in a range of events.

We aim to achieve a balance between competitive events, such as sprints and relay races, as well as more co-operative and inclusive events. Children participate in their whole school House teams and the House Cup is awarded to the Year 6 captains of the winning House. The outstanding boy and girl in Year 6 are awarded the Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum trophies.

The School Sports Premium

The School Sports Premium is a yearly payment to schools used to ‘make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer’ (

The calculation of funding is based on £8,000 plus £5 per pupil between the ages of 5 and 10. In 2016-17 Redlands received £9,431. Redlands predominantly spends the Sports Premium Funding by buying in a PE specialist from Henry Cort Community College.

This was done for two reasons that directly benefit the children of Redlands. Firstly, rather than sports coaches, Henry Cort provide a qualified secondary school PE teacher. Pupils participate in excellent lessons delivered by a PE specialist. This benefits the children because the quality of the learning delivered by a teacher is much higher than that provided by a coach. A secondary specialist is also qualified to teach discrete gymnastic skills, such as forward rolls, which a primary school teacher or coach are prohibited to do so without specific qualifications. The other major benefit of buying into the Henry Cort scheme is that the PE specialist works alongside the class teacher in delivering the lessons, rather than simply covering PPA time. The intention of this is to provide teaching staff at Redlands with the opportunity to develop their own knowledge and confidence in PE, supported by a specialist. The professional development of staff at Redlands in delivering PE will be of a lasting benefit to the school and therefore its pupils, even if the PE Premium money were to be withdrawn.

A secondary specialist is also qualified to teach discrete gymnastic skills, such as forward rolls


Over the last three academic years all year groups have received support and our wall bars in the hall have been upgraded resulting in a positive whole school impact. The new bars provide challenge and accessibility for children of all ages and abilities. They have been of a distinct and direct benefit to the provision of gymnastics at Redlands and have been utilised by all classes since their installation.

Specialist teaching continued into 2016-2017 with PE specialist work primarily in years 3/4 and 5/6. The school felt that, in this key stage, the highest impact would be achieved due to the ability of the children and the subject matter knowledge of staff, especially with the higher ability children.

Staff have continued to complete evaluations to detail how this support has impacted on their professional development and confidence levels and our children always receive these sessions positively.

Continuing with Henry Cort provision for 17-18 additional ideas for the balance include an additional hour-long after school club (at £834 for the year), the introduction of a new sport for the curriculum (including equipment) and looking at extending or improving our playground markings so they can be used to further enhance PE lessons. Two years ago we called on the services of Jim Lavin, independent consultant, who was able to offer some insightful advice on how to improve our provision for the children. This is certainly an option again, so that he can assess our progress and suggest future improvements.

The Archery and T-Ball have proved popular with the children and staff. 

Restrictions on how we spend Sports Premium prohibit us from replacing any worn equipment, despite budgeting pressures leading to zero revenue spend on PE in 2016-17. Last year we purchased and introduced T-Ball, Handball and Archery equipment to enhance and vary our curriculum. The Archery and T-Ball have proved popular with the children and staff. In order to benefit our team sports (netball and football) we need to consider after-school coaching for the children from Year 3 so that they can grow into our representative teams. Likewise a general fitness programme of a daily run is being considered.

Summary: Sports Premium 2016-17

Total received £9,431

Spend: Sports coaching: £6741.14

Additional coaching: £834.00

EYFS improvements: £312.00

Total spend: £7,887.00

Carried forward to 2017-18: £1,544


  • Improved teaching skills of gym and dance, as observed by subject leader and sports coach
  • Pupil feedback was positive, particularly in relation to dance and the new sports
  • Increased enjoyment of PE and, ultimately, raised fitness and skills levels