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Redlands Primary School

School Improvement Priorities

Below you will find a summary of this year's strategic school improvement plan. This document outlines the key areas for development that the school is working on this year. Please be aware that this is a summary document and not the full plan.

Key Improvements 2018-2020: English

  • To embed and further develop the skills-based reading approach and ensure new staff are trained
  • To improve fluency in reading through direct teaching of it as a skill
  • Improve standards in spelling through devising and implementing a consistent whole-school approach to spelling

Maintenance tasks

  1. Update key texts for our text-rich curriculum to ensure consistent high quality throughout the school
  2. To revisit English curriculum map and clarifying expectations
  3. To continue to promote reading for pleasure.

Key Improvements 2018-2020: Teaching

  • Maintain and improve daily classroom practice and pupil outcomes

  • Ensure that all classrooms, classroom routines and playtimes and lunchtimes reflect the highest expectations for teaching and learning and pupil satisfaction and safeguarding

Overall success criteria


Key Improvements 2018-2020: Mathematics

  • To develop the instant recall and application of times tables so that children are best prepared for upcoming times table tests (compulsory in 2020)
  • To develop a mastery style mathematics curriculum with appropriate differentiation for teaching and learning at a greater depth level.

Maintenance tasks


Key Improvements 2018-2020: Attachment

  • To ameliorate the problem of learning barriers arising from attachment problems

Maintenance tasks


Key Improvements 2018-2020: Governors

  • To recalibrate the structure and working practices of the governing body to continue to build on the Ofsted outstanding judgement