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Redlands Primary School

monday 6th april 2020

Redlands Primary School is currently closed to all pupils except those whose parents are key workers.  If you feel you are a key worker, please complete the Key Workers form and send the information to  Thank you

Click here for information to help with Home Learning, and here for a suggested structure to your day.

Easter Egg Competition winners can be found here together with pictures of all the entries we received.  Thank you to all the children for their efforts.

  Look at our Easter themed activities for you to try if you want to over the Easter period.


Many pupils will now be spending more time online at home accessing various websites and learning platforms. At Redlands, we regularly teach pupils the importance of online safety and how to stay safe online. If children or adults would like further information on this, please visit the e-safety section of our website. We would like to encourage parents to ensure that their children are using the resources online safely and remind them of how to do so.  

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